Please Read Before Enrolling:

30-Hour Intensive SHSAT Course

By enrolling in the 30-Hour Intensive SHSAT Class, your child will recieve 30 hours of classroom instruction, a work-book for the class, two graded practice tests with analysis, and a free one-hour one-on-one instruction session, so as to ensure that your child is on track  and has a personalized study strategy. 
Before enrolling in the class, please read EnrichmentEdu's behavioral policy. A parent or guardian is excpected to be available to read and sign a liability release form. If, upon seeing the liability release form, the parent or guardian does not wish to sign due to unepected conten on said release form, then the student will recieve a full refund. 

Behavioral Policy:

Students are not permitted to act in such a way that the educational experience is lessened for themselves or for others. Students are expected to treat themselves, the instructor, the facilities,  and other students with respect and consideration for their learning needs. Unacceptable behavior may include, but is not limited to, following directions given by instructors, disrupting the class, using a cell phone, leaving the designated room or area without permission, bothering or insulting other students, using profane, racist, or sexual language, making verbal threats, throwing objects or touching other students inappropriately, defcing, destroying, or stealing property, engaging in or attempting to engage in a physical fight with another student or instructor.  The instructor has full iscretion on assigning the severety of a breach to this policy. Offenses can result in warnings, being sent home, suspention from the class, or expultion from the class. If you would clarrification on the policy please email EnrichmentEdu at

When Should my Daughter/Son Start Preparing for the SHSAT?

The SHSAT is taken in the early fall of a student's 8th grade. It is a good idea to take a practice test during the winter or spring of a student's 7th grade to see how they are initially performing. Most students improve anywhere from 50 to 100 points depending on their level of effort and places of need, and it is easier to plan an approach to study if the level and areas of necessary improvement are ascertained early. Contact us to set up  a free practice test to get started on building a personalized test prep strategy.


I Have Been Told That My Child Should Only Practice His/Her Strongest Subject. Is This True?

As with all education-related topics, the answer depends on the student’s ability in different topic areas and the knowledge that the student brings to the class. The ELA and math sections of the SHSAT are graded separately on a non-linear scale. For example, a student improving from 10 to 11 correct questions on one section will have their overall score increase by nine points, a student improving from 30 to 31 correct questions correct will have their score improve by 4 points, and a student improving from 41 to 42 correct questions will improve their score by six points; therefore, a student begins the SHSAT course having gotten 30 questions correct on one section and 41 on another section, then an improvement of one question on the stronger section will yield the student 50% more points. However, because questions have different levels of difficulties and students improve on question types at different rates, it can often be easier to improve from 30 to 32 correct questions than 41 to 42 correct questions. When studying for the exam, it is best to identify the problem types on which students can most easily improve and approach these before tackling more complex problem types; it is often the easiest material over which students stumble due to lack of familiarity. For optimal results, students should take a practice test with EnrichmentEdu and work with the instructor to create a personalized study strategy.

What is the Location of the Classes?

Classes will be held at the Brooklyn YWCA, 30 Third Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217. The YWCA is located nearby Barclay center and in short walking distance from the A, C, D, N, Q, B, R 2, 3, 4, and 5 subway lines. For directions to the YWCA, pleaseclick here.