Comprehensive 7th Grade through High School Admissions Programming

High achieving students apply to a wide range of elite high schools, many with their own unique admissions protocols. At EnrichmentEDU, we believe that students who want to prepare early should approach their 7th grade year and high school admissions systematically, rather than simply studying exclusively for one exam. We offer a comprehensive program that takes students from the week before school starts until the time of their last last application, ensuring that they are ideal candidates for all of their preferred high school choices. Students can take any number of the programs listed below. Regardless of the amount of participation in classes and sessions, we will provide guidance and consulting throughout the high school admissions process. Contact us for additional information or if interested in any of the offerings listed below.

High School Admissions Academic Calendar

August 28-September 1


End-of-Summer Crash Course

Starting the year strong is important to excelling in classwork and staying ahead of the curve. Our program begins the week before the school year starts with a one-week, 10-hour crash course on end of 6th grade material and the material students will encounter the first half of 7th grade. 



Common Core State Test Preparation

After students return from winter break, we analyze students' common core practice tests if available from schools, or we administer our own truncated exam. This analysis serves as the basis for our math and ELA test preparation. The goal of all Common Core State Test preparation is to have students get 4’s on both ELA and Math, and ensure their 7th grade academic skills are mastered. During this time, students preparing for the ERB’s will study in one-on-one settings.

September – January


Individualized and Small Group Sessions

During the first half of the academic year, we offer private and small group instruction. These sessions will target the student’s specific needs and help to make sure that they maintain a maximally high GPA, while deepening their mastery of the material beyond the classroom requirements.


Initial SHSAT and ISEE Testing

Students tend to try focusing on SHSAT and ISEE early, taking multiple practice tests before their common core state test. As there are a limited amount of city sanctioned practice tests that have been tested for bias and confirmed to be parallel to the real exam, we believe that students should take official practice tests conservatively. The first practice test in March serves as a baseline for students, directing instruction in one-on-one sessions, small group sessions, and comprehensive 10-person classes. Moreover, the initial exam lets us calibrate the needs for each student based. Each student is given a personalized SHSAT plan based on these early results with benchmarks set for the beginning of summer, end of summer, and end of September.



 Preliminary SHSAT Courses: 

This upcoming year, we plan to run two preliminary SHSAT classes. These classes work to get students to their beginning of summer benchmark, depending on their specialized high school of choice. The goal of these classes will be to get students to at least a 440 if they are aiming for Brooklyn Tech or Brooklyn Latin, and at least a 500 if they are interested in Stuyvesant. These classes will not focus on the same material as the summer and fall courses, but rather the underlying material needed to get to the proper baseline benchmark score. While these courses will be focused on preparing students for the underlying information on the SHSAT, they will also assist students preparing for the ISEE, SSAT, and other private school exams.



Intensive SHSAT Courses

EnrichmentEDU will be running two different SHSAT classes during the summer:

  • The first class will be targeted for students hoping to attend Brooklyn Tech or Brooklyn Latin. These classes will cover all of the material seen on the exam, while focusing on the problem types that students are most likely to master rapidly. Brooklyn Tech and Brooklyn Latin require a score of roughly 65% for admission, which means that mastery of the more esoteric material, while beneficial to learn, is not the most efficient pathway to admission. This class is for students who scored between a 400 and 500 on the initial exam and have not taken the preliminary classes. 

  • The second class will be specifically for students who have scored over a 500 on the initial exam or have done so after taking the preliminary class. This class will approach the primary material of the exam at a much more rapid pace so as to allow more focus on the types of esoteric questions that students must master if they hope to get to a 580+ on their final practice exam.



SHSAT 2 Classes and Admissions Workshops

On the final stretch before tests and applications, students will be recommended classes and one-on-one sessions depending on their positioning for target schools. Students will have access to a SHSAT 2 class made specifically for students who have already taken the first SHSAT class. Additionally, admissions workshops will serve to help students prepare for Beacon and Bard admissions. These workshops will focus on writing personal statements, taking the Bard admissions exam, and performing well on interviews.

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