How to Prepare for the SHSAT with EnrichmentEdu

EnrichmentEdu hosts a wide array of preparation options, including classes, one-on-one sessions, and small group sessions. For students looking to prepare for the SHSAT prior to March of 7th grade, we offer a comprehensive Pre-SHSAT curriculum that reinforces the foundational material underpinning the exam, ensuring that students excel in 7th grade and are maximally prepared for test-specific instruction. 


All of our SHSAT options are driven by one-on-one assessments, close analysis of quantitative measures, and thousands of hours of experience . Students will receive in-depth feedback on their progress, benchmarks based on their strength and goals, and guidance throughout the entire High School Admissions process. Practice tests will be proctored and analyzed at predetermined intervals so as to ensure that all instruction is personalized and effective. By developing a learning profile for each student and closely tracking their progress and academic habits, we are able to personalize the learning experience and maximize student’s learning experience.

As a nonprofit, it is important to us that students are not limited academically due to financial need. Financial assistance is available for all options listed below. For students looking to study on their own we provide material, feedback, and regular consultation

Instructional Options


All SHSAT classes are instructed by EnrichmentEdu founder, Jesse Gelburd-Meyers. Jesse has been researching and teaching the SHSAT for five years, authored a best-selling test preparation book for the exam, and consults Brooklyn schools on the exam. Each class utilizes this expertise so as to both instruct the conceptual underpinnings of the material and the specific ways that the material will appear on the exam.  Students enrolled in the SHSAT class will be introduced to every major problem type found on the exam. All classes are capped at ten students so as to ensure personalized attention and are held at 30 3rd Avenue, Room 203. For more information on the types of problem types instructed in the class, see our SHSAT Information Page.


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Cost: $20/Classroom Hour

One-On-One Instruction

One-on-one instruction is available for students hoping for a maximally personalized approach to test preparation. Students who cannot attend the class, prefer a one-on-one setting, are hoping to target more specific SHSAT material, or want a specialized curriculum for any other reason are invited to register for these sessions. Parents are given regular reports on student’s progress, and each session will be tailored to student’s specific needs, learning profile, and goals.

Cost: $60/Instructional Hour

Small Group Sessions

For students on similar academic trajectories, we will create a small group curriculum that is maximally personalized to students’ needs. Small group sessions frequently have two to five students enrolled, and be conducted at our classroom space or at a student’s home. Contact us to have a preliminary curriculum developed for your small group of young learners.

Cost: $25-$35/Instructional Hour 

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