When is it Good to get a Specialized Curriculum?

Specialized Curriculum

Every Specialized Curriculum comes with a syllabus and accompanying assignments that will help your child stay engaged, while improving their ability in the topic of choice. Whether your child wants extra work on a topic, is going on break for a few months, or wants to learn a subjects that they never knew existed, we will craft exciting assignments updated based on the student's progress.  

School Break:

A key determinant in the academic trajectories of students across New York City is their engagement in academic material when school is no longer in session. At EnrichmentEdu, we aim to combat the summer gap in achievement by providing specialized curriculum that is tailor-made for the student’s strengths and interests. Whether they plan to stay home for the break or go away, keeping their minds engaged is critical to advancing their intellectual abilities. Since each curriculum is made for the specific student, material can focus on building knowledge on a topic that the student already loves, incorporating material with future test needs, or helping the student explore new academic topics. Past curricula we have developed include logical reason, introduction to philosophy, and video game programming.

Preperation for a New School:

Students moving to competitive middle schools or high schools may sometimes be surprised by the new level of academic rigor. Specialized Curricula can allow your student to get ahead of the curve and engage in above grade level material and ways of thinking before they enter new educational environments.

My Child is Intellectually Curious, and Wants More than is Offered at School:

Being engaged in academic material allows students to stretch their critical skills while reinforcing a healthy relationship with learning. Specialized Curricula give students access to boundless intellectual possibility, allowing them to charge ahead into new material that is not offered at their school or with which they would like to engage more deeply.

I Would Like my Child to Prepare for a Test that is Still a Long Time away:

Parents often want to give their chil as much time as possible for major standardized tests such as the SAT. However, if your child is more than a year away from the test day, then it is often better to learn the underlying material and skill in conjunction with the test material. After consultation and initial practice tests, we can make a long term plan that not only maximizes your child's success on high impact tests but teaches them skills that will improve their general academic experience. 


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