Register for SHSAT Classes

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By enrolling in the SHSAT Class, your child will receive intensive and comprehensive instruction, a workbook for the class, two graded practice tests with analysis, and an individualized preparation strategy, so as to ensure that your child is on track and has a personalized study strategy. All classes are $20/classroom-hour. Further financial aid is available to those who qualify.
Classes will be held throughout the summer and fall, leading up to test day. All classes will be held at 30 3rd Avenue Room 203, Brooklyn, NY.
All classes will be instructed by EnichmentEDU founder, Jesse Gelburd-Meyers. Jesse has experience teaching the SHSAT in classroom, small group, and individual settings. He has written a book on the SHSAT, has had students gain entry to every specialized high school, and has trained instructors on teaching the SHSAT. In previous classes, students have improved their scores by an average of 80 points, with many students increasing their scores by over 100 points.
Parents or guardians who wish to pay through alternative means or to save a seat and submit payment at a later time may contact us directly with the inquiry. Students who have not registered formally within two weeks of the start of class are not guaranteed a spot.
Before the class begins, a parent or guardian is expected to be available to read and sign a liability release form that contains similar information to the terms and conditions as found on the checkout page.