Enrichment-Oriented Test Preparation

For many education companies, learning for tests and learning for the sake of enriching one's fundamental knowledge of a topic are distinct activities that require distinct educational approaches. At EnrichmentEDU, we believe that this is a false trade-off. Our classes and one-on-one instruction aim to target the specific learning profile of our student's, address any underlying barriers to academic achievement, and develop education plans that maximize a student's strengths. Time spent preparing for tests should not only ensure that students meet immediate goals, but also enrich their educational experience.

What is Enrichment-Oriented Test Preparation?

Why Enrichment-Oriented Test Preparation?

Long Term Knowledge Acquisition: 

Students who learn material in a comprehensive and fundamental manner have higher rates of long-term knowledge acquisition than students who only learn the "gimmicks" of an exam. For students who are preparing in adequate advance of test day, doing well on the exam does not only depend on learning critical information, but also being able to access learned material at the necessary time. 

Deeper Understandings Allow Greater Generalizability:

All test prep uses past exams and the criteria released by test makers to prepare students for exam questions. At EnrichmentEdu, we teach problem types in such a way that students will not only be able to use tricks that apply to some questions, but also have the tools necessary to answer any question of a similar type, regardless of perceived difficulty by the test makers. 

Learning is Cumulative:

As of 2015, the average student in the United States takes six standardized tests per year. No matter what exam for which your child is preparing, it is unlikely that it will be the last exam that he or she ever takes. Learning material for a test should help students improve their academic trajectory beyond test day by both increasing their base line performance on future exams and improving their rate of learning acquisition over time. Your child's education is a long-term project, and test preparation should be an opportunity to improve your child's long-term trajectory.

See Tests from the Perspective of a Test-Maker:

On high-impact tests, students are tasked with mastering two skill sets: first, they must learn the educational material that the test is evaluating; second, students must master how to take tests successfully. Any test prep organization would be doing a disservice to its students if they did not recognize the latter set of material. However, while most test prep companies focus on the gimmicks attached to test-taking, we instead view the test-taking element of the exam as an opportunity to teach students how to use implicit rules to their advantage, both on tests and beyond. Throughout students’ lives, they will be tasked with interpreting the implicit rules of a situation so as to maximize their performance, and we believe tests are ideal opportunities to master this skill.